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Trevor Smith, Curran McDowell, Phil Stancil, Laura Stancil, and Jacob Boll, from left. Photo by Greer Bratschie


Ever since their origins as a family band playing folk music and classic rock in their native Michigan, The Morning Yells have been growing — sonically, geographically and in numbers.

Now based in L.A., the band consists of singing siblings Phil and Laura Stancil (guitar and bass, respectively), guitarist Trevor Smith and drummer Curran McDowell, with keyboardist/guitarist Jacob Boll having joined the band after it released its 2017 EP, “Proper Wilted.” That release found the Morning Yells dwelling in the Americana-blues of the 1960s and ’70s — a good and natural starting point for a band, Phil Stancil says, that “grew up playing roots-­rock and folk music … Our Dad taught us how to play guitar and sing, and we fell in love with Beach Boys, America and The Moody Blues by digging through his record collection.”

Their next step is to super-size their sound while maintaining their plainspoken Heartland charm, which is exemplified on their new single “Sunshine Friend”.

Stancil says the song has been in the works for years, but took shape with the direction of the band and their collaboration with producer/engineer Clay Blair at Boulevard Studios. “I’d been messing with the chord progression for years and years, but never saw it through to a full song. As the batch of songs we’re working on grew, it just seemed like it would be a good fit with the rest.”



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Harmonies that in certain sibling bands feel like a birthright
— Buzzbands LA
The band’s perfectly-coordinated harmonies evoke feelings of hope and possibility, passion and potential
— Atwood Magazine
If there’s a point where Laurel Canyon country meets Bruce Springsteen-esque road-rockers, The Morning Yells were born on that spot
— Independent Clauses
An elegant bridge between folk and classic indie rock. Evokes visions of Wilco and long drives
— All Things Go
Spacious, harmony driven west coast folk rock
— Elmore Magazine

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