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Trevor Smith, Curran McDowell, Phil Stancil, Laura Stancil, and Jacob Boll, from left. Photo by Greer Bratschie


The Morning Yells is a new Los Angeles band made up of siblings Phil & Laura Stancil (guitar, vocals / bass, vocals), Trevor Smith (guitar, vocals), Jacob Boll (Keyboards, Guitar), and Curran McDowell (Drums, Percussion). Blending Heartland Rock, Americana, Power Pop, and Psychedelia with ease, the group has a knack for writing songs that are familiar and new at once. They draw comparisons to a variety of artists; Big Star, The War On Drugs, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Phantom Planet are common mentions at their live show.

They met in classic LA band fashion. New Angelinos come west by way of Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. Chance meetings through mutual friends brought the group together, and in 2017 The Morning Yells was formed. Their 2017 debut EP Proper Wilted received praise for its harmonies, song craft, and nods to classic folk, country, and rock.  

Following Proper Wilted, the band took a batch of new songs to Engineer/Producer Clay Blair at Boulevard Recording in Los Angeles to begin work on a full length record. The songs boast strong blood harmonies, and their often sorrowful and deeply rooted lyrics are accompanied by bright electric guitars, strumming acoustics and chiming pianos - traits that are exemplified in their forthcoming single, Half Speak. The Morning Yells have created a nuanced sound that is completely inspired, and truly their own.



press quotes

The band’s perfectly-coordinated harmonies evoke feelings of hope and possibility, passion and potential
— Atwood Magazine
If there’s a point where Laurel Canyon country meets Bruce Springsteen-esque road-rockers, The Morning Yells were born on that spot
— Independent Clauses
An elegant bridge between folk and classic indie rock. Evokes visions of Wilco and long drives
— All Things Go
Spacious, harmony driven west coast folk rock
— Elmore Magazine

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